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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis that can affect your knees, hands, lower back, hips, and more. Find out about prevention, symptoms, and treatment for this incurable condition.

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FAQs About Celebrex

Is this anti-inflammatory medication right for you? Learn for whom it’s best suited and which conditions it helps treat.

Man touching his sore elbow.

Common Conditions That Can Mimic OA

Not everything that hurts is arthritis. Although it is easy to sweep aches and pains under the general "rug" of arthritis, there are common conditions that mimic arthritis. Unless the correct diagnosis is uncovered, pain might become chron...

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Feeling Of Weakness Through My Entire Left Arm

Question Asked by v1_the_next_level Feeling Of Weakness Through My Entire Left Arm over the last week i’ve noticed my left arm feels weak. like i’ve been through a heavy exercise the feeling is most noticable at the joint but extends to my finger tip...

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MAKOplasty: Is a Partial Knee Replacement Right for You?

If half of your knee is worn out and painfully arthritic, one of your treatment options is to have a partial knee replacement, also known as a MAKOplasty. "MAKO" is the name of the robotic device that assists the surgeon in resurfacing the ...

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Osteoarthritis Runs in the Family

Even though the effects of time, injury, and aging contribute to the likeliness of developing arthritic joints, family history and genetics may be the largest contributing factor of all.

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Gender Differences in Knee Osteoarthritis

All the way down to the shape of our knees, the alignment of a woman’s leg is much different from the alignment of a man’s leg, which could affect how you treat OA issues.

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How to Prepare for Surgery

Surgery is often easier than the recovery. Whether you are having joint replacement surgery or another type of surgery that will correct a skeletal issue, you will need to prepare for the tough road of recovery. Your chances of success depend on it. ...

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Dealing with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be hard to treat and can make daily life difficult. What’s best for you, corticosteroid injections or anti-inflammatory oral medications?

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Solutions to Foot and Ankle Arthritis

If you are desperately seeking solutions to your foot and ankle pain, here is a list that may provide you with a fresh new direction towards feeling better with each step you take.

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What to Know about Creaky Joints

Your joints may make noise because the joint surfaces might not be very smooth anymore. The joint might be looser than it was, too. These changes cause the joint to grind a little, snap a little and pop a little.