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Places to Find Support When You Have BRCA1, 2 Gene Mutation

From online support to picking up the telephone and calling a help line, there are resources available to walk you through having the BRCA1, 2 gene mutation.

By Vanessa Caceres

Are You A Previvor?

Are you someone who has not yet survived a cancer diagnosis but might some day? If so, here are words, along with helpful tips, to describe just what a previvor is.

By Bethany Kandel

Having A Baby Helps BRCA1 Mutation Previvor Learn of High Cancer Risk

Katrina Wells’ daughter was a surprise that might have helped saved her life. Find out whether you fall into any of the high risk groups for one of three "founder mutations."

By Erin L. Boyle

How Can You Live Your Best Life With BRCA1, BRCA2 Gene Mutations?

Finding out you have a gene mutation can be stressful and scary. However, once you and your doctor know, you can take steps to prevent and detect cancers early.

By Katherine Malmo

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shares Diagnosis and Pregnancy Story

An unexpected cancer diagnosis that led to the loss of both ovaries led Noel to a new question: Could she have children?

By Katherine Malmo

Why Does the Right Surgeon Matter in Ovarian Cancer?

Having a gynecologic oncologist perform ovarian cancer surgery was associated with a 30 percent increase in overall survival compared to other type of surgeons.

By Kathleen Maxian

Simple Tech Tools Can Help You As a Cancer Survivor

Know how to use your smart phone to its best ability, or create a page on CaringBridge to share news about your cancer journey? This article explores tips for this and more.

By PJ Hamel

Don't Forget to Thank Those Who Helped You After Cancer

Who helped you through cancer treatment? Have you expressed your appreciation? A simple thank you card and gift card can go a long way.

By Phyllis Johnson

Be Real, Complain: Break Unspoken Cancer Rules, One at a Time

Share with others how you feel about living with cancer, so they have a true picture of what you’re experiencing.

By Phyllis Johnson

Please. Don't Tell Me Your Cancer Horror Stories

Tips for avoiding cancer horror stories from friends and family when you share your cancer diagnosis, including take the initiative in the conversation and letting others know how you feel right away.

By PJ Hamel