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Find the latest stories, news, and expert advice about pneumonia, including medical research on symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

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Should You Get a Pneumonia Vaccine?

Respiratory infections can sometimes lead to pneumonia, so it’s important to get a pneumonia vaccine if you’re 65 and up or have certain health conditions.

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Too Many Hospital Patients Go Home With Black-Box Antibiotics

Many hospitals are cutting back on the use of powerful, risky antibiotics called fluoroquinolones, but are sending patients home with these medications.

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Bacterial Pneumonia Poses High Risk for Heart Complications

Research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018 suggests bacterial pneumonia is more harmful to the heart than viral pneumonia.

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Pneumonia’s Long-Term Health Consequences

Older adults hospitalized just once for pneumonia may suffer functional and cognitive decline. Here’s the research.

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Pneumonia Treatment: What You Need to Know

Treatment options for pneumonia depend on which type you have.

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A Guide to Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) changed their recommendations on how often and when to vaccinate for pneumonia and the flu, as well as which vaccines to give.

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How Long Is Pneumonia Contagious?

Question Asked by Caroline How Long Is Pneumonia Contagious? How long is bacterial pnuemonia contagious? Thanks for any answers. Answer Hi there, Caroline – How long a person with bacterial pneumonia is contagious to others depends on the type of tre...

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Is Bronchial Pneumonia Contagious?

Question Asked by T Park Is Bronchial Pneumonia Contagious? Can you tell me if bronchial pneumonia is contagious in adults? Thank you for your response. Answer Absolutely it is. The coughing and mucus associated with Bronchial pneumonia is an excelle...

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What Effects Does Pneumonia Have On Your Brain

Question Asked by dawn What Effects Does Pneumonia Have On Your Brain I was watching something on TV and missed part of it that was about pneumonia and the brain. I was just wondering what effects pneumonia can have on the brain? Answer Dawn Thank yo...