Prostate Cancer Topics


Penile Shortening After Prostate Removal?

If you’ve had your prostate surgically removed, your penis may be shorter after the procedure. A new study suggests it should go back to regular size in a year.

By Pete Kelly

Sex After Prostate Cancer Surgery

You should know that prostate cancer surgery can seriously affect your sex life.

By HealthAfter50

What to Do About ED After Prostate Cancer?

Here are some of your options if you experience erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

By HealthAfter50

Can Prostate Surgery Affect Urinary Control?

Don't overlook the potential for incontinence if you're considering a prostatectomy for prostate cancer.

By HealthAfter50

When Prostate Biopsies Go Wrong

Prostate biopsies are common, but they can sometimes cause infections. Here's what you should know about infection risks from prostate biopsies.

By HealthAfter50