Prostate Cancer Topics


Join a Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial?

If you have prostate cancer and you’ve exhausted all the standard treatment options, you may want to join a clinical trial. Here's what you should know.

By HealthAfter50

How External Beam Radiation Therapy Works

Prostate cancer cells can be killed with minimal damage to the urethra, rectum, and bladder using carefully calibrated doses of radiation.

By Theodore L. DeWeese, M.D.

Early Prostate Cancer: Treat or Monitor?

Findings from a clinical trial suggest that avoiding traditional therapies for early prostate cancer is often a sensible decision.

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Is Proton Beam Therapy All Hype?

Proton beam therapy is advertised as the next big thing in prostate cancer treatment, but the evidence doesn't support the hype. Here's what you should know.

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Prostate Cancer Surgery: Choose Carefully

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, here’s what you should know about picking the right surgeon.

By Jacek L. Mostwin, M.D., D.Phil.

Prostate Cancer Treatment: When to Wait

If you have low-risk prostate cancer, don't jump right into treatment. A wait-and-see approach could be the right way to go.

By H. Ballentine Carter, M.D.

Can Prostate Surgery Affect Urinary Control?

Don't overlook the potential for incontinence if you're considering a prostatectomy for prostate cancer.

By HealthAfter50

Prostate Cancer Treatment: You Have Options

The challenge of combating advanced prostate cancer can be summed up in two words: treatment resistance. Here’s what you should know about your options.

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How to Deal With Stress Incontinence

Recovering bladder control following a prostate procedure can be a slow process that may take months. Try these approaches to help manage incontinence.

By HealthAfter50

New Options Advanced Prostate Cancer

If you live with advanced prostate cancer and traditional hormone therapies have stopped working, one of these new hormone therapies may be an option.

By Eileen Bailey