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New Advice About PSA Testing

Should you be screened for prostate cancer? New guidelines leave the decision to individual men but recommend against screening those 70 and older.

By Berkeley Wellness

Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: When Is It Risky?

Should men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer be offered active surveillance as a treatment? Here’s what new research shows.

By David Levine

Costs to Treat Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Vary

How much does it cost to treat men who have low-risk prostate cancer, from the time a patient has his first appointment to follow-up testing years later?

By David Levine

HIFU for Prostate Cancer: Think Twice

If you have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, here’s what you should know before considering high intensity focused ultrasound.

By Tim Gower

Immunotherapy: A Promising Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Immunotherapy offers new hope for men with castration-resistant prostate cancer.

By Tim Gower