Answers to your top questions about living with psoriasis, including advice and wisdom about treatments, dating, switching medications, pregnancy, relationships, and more.


How Should You Talk to Your Partner About Psoriasis Before Being Intimate?

Shame and embarrassment can make it difficult for those of us living with psoriasis to share details with potential partners. When should you disclose the condition? Alisha tells us to trust our instincts.

By Alisha Bridges

What Your Psoriatic Disease Says About Your Microbiome

Researchers have studied bacteria species on the skin and in the guts with fascinating results.

By Casey Nilsson

6 People Reveal Psoriasis Fashion Fears

Men and women deal with fashion concerns and psoriasis in (largely) similar ways.

By Alisha Bridges

9 Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Remember: If you’d like to try some home remedies for psoriasis, talk to your doctor first.

By Claire Gillespie

Foods That May Make Psoriasis Worse

Many people say they manage their psoriasis better if they avoid inflammatory foods.

By Claire Gillespie