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Woman applying makeup with towel wrapped around her head

Getting Ready With RA: 8 Easy Beauty and Style Tips

These hair and makeup tricks can help reduce your risk of a rheumatoid-arthritis flare.

Manicured hands with polka-dotted nail polish holding a coffee cup.

Expert Tips for Nails and Makeup With RA

A beauty blogger and a nail artist with rheumatoid arthritis shares tips for getting perfect makeup and nails, even when you have RA.

Michael Kuvula at his 2017 New York Fashion Show for Tumbler and Tipsy image

Michael Kuvula Spreads Awareness About RA Through Fashion

Details from his fashion show—including peeks of fabrics and key pieces—that pay homage to RA and Beverly Hills Troop.

Michael Kuluva at his 2017 New York Fashion Show for Tumbler and Tipsy. And homage to Troop Beverly Hills.

Michael Kuvula’s Quest to Raise RA Awareness

Continuing his efforts to raise awareness for RA, fashion designer Michael Kuluva’s 2018 line with CreakyJoints hits the runway.