Rheumatoid Arthritis Topics


Do You Have Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis?

If you're having trouble getting diagnosed with RA, your symptoms are coming and going or overlapping with other conditions, or even if your blood tests don't show RA at all — you could have seronegative RA. So, what does that mean exactly, and what can you do about it?

By Lene Andersen, MSW

Is it RA?

All signs point to yes — but, hold on, that doesn’t mean you absolutely have RA. After all, you can test positive for the RA factor but still not have the condition. You have to look at the full picture.

By Stephanie Stephens

Facts About a Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

The process of getting an answer about the symptoms you’ve been having is not always straightforward. These are the tests and assessments that are taken into consideration when diagnosing RA.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

Five Reasons to See Your Rheumatologist More Often

If you feel ‘okay,’ it’s easy to avoid going to your rheumatologist — especially when you’re afraid of what they might say. Here’s why you should pull up your bootstraps and go.

By Emil DeAndreis

10 Things Even RA Vets May Not Know

There have been so many developments in RA over the last decade that there are complexities that even those who have lived with RA their entire lives may not know. Be aware of discoveries like RA’s link to heart disease and dental health.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

13 Things to Know for Rheumatoid Arthritis Newbies

Being diagnosed with RA can be incredibly overwhelming. Let us guide you and support you with these tips for newbies.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

How to Deal With Early Symptoms of RA

When you start experiencing the pain, stiffness, and tenderness, how do you deal?

By Emil DeAndreis

Don’t Forget About General Health When You Have a Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness can overshadow the rest of your health, but it’s important to remember “the other half.”

By Emil DeAndreis

What to Expect When You Have an X-Ray for RA

An X-ray technologist walks you through the steps of what to expect from your X-ray, including what you should wear, and if it will hurt.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

Tests that Determine if It's Rheumatoid Arthritis—or Not

Your doctor will take a medical history and perform a physical examination similar to the one used to diagnose osteoarthritis.

By HealthAfter50