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Find the latest news and trends on rosacea, expert information on treatments, and practical strategies to live with the skin condition.

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The Four Stages of Rosacea

What some people may believe is stubborn acne, may in fact be rosacea.

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Is It Chronic Hives or Another Skin Condition?

Several skin conditions share symptoms with chronic hives. Learn about the similarities and differences among skin conditions to ensure the right diagnosis.

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Causes and Treatments of Adult Acne

Millions of adults get acne outbreaks each year. Happily, new solutions are at hand. Here are four strategies to consider.

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Laser Treatments for Aging Skin: What to Know

Lasers have been studied extensively to treat problems of aging skin and found to be highly effective. Here are some of the risks and benefits.

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Latest Advances in Rosacea and Diet Tips

Latest treatments for rosacea, diet tips for rosacea, foods that improve rosacea, foods that trigger rosacea

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Can Probiotics Help Your Eczema?

New research is uncovering the hidden benefits of probiotics.

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Psoriasis: Dating, Marriage, and Kids

What does having psoriasis mean for finding a partner and family planning?

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Winter Rosacea: Symptoms and Tips

Bundle up! If your skin experiences dryness, wind burn, and redness, it may be rosacea.

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Complications of Rosacea

If left untreated, here’s what can happen to skin with rosacea.

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5 Ways Rosacea Affects Quality of Life

Rosacea is a long-term condition that affects a person’s appearance. But its impact can go beyond that. Here are five ways in which in can reduce a person’s quality of life.

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5 Possible Causes of Rosacea

Currently, scientists do not know what causes rosacea, although research has pointed to certain possibilities. Here are some things that might contribute to the condition.