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The latest research and trends in schizophrenia, including promising treatments and ways to manage the disorder. Patient experts inspire with their testimonials of hope.

Woman with schizophrenia having hallucinations.

Schizophrenia Unveiled: A Brave Depiction of Life With the Illness

Any perceptions you held of schizophrenia are about to be shattered. Rachel Star Withers affords us a view inside her world living with the illness.

By Rachel Star Withers
man meditating on roof
Living With

Dimensions of Wellness for Schizophrenia

By Eileen Bailey
Young woman talking to a doctor

Tools for Diagnosing Schizophrenia

By Eileen Bailey

The Latest

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How Can I Help a Loved One Who Won't Seek Treatment?

Question: My mother is 48 years old and exhibiting what appear to be early symptoms of schizophrenia. She is paranoid, delusional, disorganized and irrational. How can I convince her to seek psychiatric help? Every time I try, she attacks me and view...

By Paul Ballas, D.O.
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Stress and Trauma Coping Skills for Schizophrenia Recovery

In light of the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks this SharePost will list tactics for healing trauma and coping with PTSD. The Mental Health Empowerment Project (MHEP) defines trauma as “extreme stress brought on by shocking or unexpecte...

By Christina Bruni
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Can I Really Have Schizophrenia if I Don't Hallucinate or Hear Voices?

Question Asked by nicebcguy2001 I Don’t Hallucinate Or Hear Voices So Why Do They Say I Have Schizophrenia? I have lots of anxiety ,social anxiety mostly,agoraphobia,and bouts of paranoia.I have strange thoughts sometimes but does that make me a schi...

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What Do you Do when a Schizophrenic Refuses to See a Doctor?

Question Asked by kay1990 What To Do When Someone With Schizophrenia Refuses To Go To The Doctor? I think my brother has schizophrenia. he showed almost all the symptoms but refuse to go to the doctor. he is almost 26 years old and causing a lot o tr...

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My Neighbor is Mentally Ill. Can you help me Deal with him?

Question Asked by Neighbor1985 My Next Door Neighbor Is Apparently Paranoid Schizophrenic. I Need Help Dealing With Him! I My next door neighbor is apparently paranoid schizophrenic. (He has said this) I need help dealing with him! I have 4 children ...

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What Do you Call a Person who Persistently Repeats Words or Phrases?

Question Asked by anderson3128 Who Is A Person Persistently Repeats Words Or Phrases Is Called? Answer Hi, You might be thinking about the term ‘perseveration’, which is the term used for repeating things over and over. Perseveration is one of a few ...

Electro-Shock Machine
Alternative Treatment

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): How It Saved My Life But Destroyed My Memory

Is ECT barbaric or life-saving? One woman explains how electroconvulsive therapy saved her life but left her with substantial memory loss.

By Rachel Star Withers
Man talking to a support group

9 Ways Schizophrenia Changes Your Life

From getting the right support to changing your sleep habits, schizophrenia alters your life. Here are just a few ways.

By Eileen Bailey
young man talking to therapist

Ways Early Intervention Helps Schizophrenia

Research has found that the sooner people start treatment for schizophrenia, the better the outcome for symptom reduction and functioning.

By Eileen Bailey
Daily life for a family.

Strategies for Managing Schizophrenia Medication Side Effects

Medication typically used to treat schizophrenia often have side effects. Here are some strategies to manage the side effects so they don’t interfere with your daily life.

By Eileen Bailey

Meet the Experts

Rachel Star Withers
Patient Advocate

Rachel Star Withers is an entertainer, speaker, video producer and schizophrenic. She creates videos documenting her schizophrenia, letting others know they are not alone and can still live an amazing life.

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Amanda Page

Amanda was an editor and graphic designer with HealthCentral.

Jerry Kennard, Ph.D.
Medical Reviewer

Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.