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Doctor explaining diagnosis to a patient.

Diagnosing Stage 4 Melanoma

Learn what to expect at the dermatologist and the tools they'll use to diagnosed this skin cancer after it has spread beyond the original lesion.

By Eileen Bailey

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Let's Talk About the Causes of Melanoma

This form of skin cancer can be life-threatening, but when caught early, it's 98% treatable. Learn how to protect yourself, and recognize a problematic spot before it takes a dangerous turn.

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
melanoma in the sun

Let's Talk About the Types of Melanoma

File under "Who Knew": There are several kinds of melanoma—several of which don’t even start in your skin. We’ll help you look out for any suspicious marks or specks, quite literally from head to toe.

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
medical laser treatment

Let's Talk About Melanoma Treatment

Melanoma is almost always curable when you catch — and treat — it early enough. We'll help you understand what a road to recovery is likely to look like.

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
close up of woman's face with freckles

Let's Talk About Melanoma

Is something going on with your skin? We've got the doctor-vetted details to help you determine if you could have this serious skin cancer. Spoiler alert: Catch it early, and it's almost always treatable.

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
Woman with moles on her back

Let's Talk About the Signs of Melanoma

Yes, this skin cancer can be deadly. But learn how to spot it early, and the cure rate goes way up—to 98%!

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
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Important: Metastatic Melanoma Follow-Up Care

Follow-up care after metastatic melanoma treatment includes skin exams, imaging, screenings for other cancers, management of side effects, and sun protection.

By Eileen Bailey
Woman putting sunscreen on her shoulder.

That Pinterest Recipe for Homemade Sunscreen? Skip It

You don’t want to mess around when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

By Lara DeSanto
Genetic researchers.

Improving on Melanoma Adjuvant Therapy

Researchers continue to work to refine and improve the effectiveness, tolerability, and precision of melanoma adjuvant therapies to best suit each patient.

By Rachel Zohn
Woman with moles on her face
Living With

Seek a Second Opinion When You Have Metastatic Melanoma for These Reasons

They include, you’re unsure about your diagnosis, you have a rare or unusual cancer, or you just don’t like your doctor. Read this slideshow to learn more reasons.

By Eileen Bailey
Close up of eyes with many freckles/sun spots surrounding

What Should You Know About the Rare—But Severe—Side Effects of Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma

Adjuvant therapy for melanoma can help prevent a recurrence of the serious skin cancer—but there's the potential for life-threatening side effects. Learn the symptoms and how to protect yourself.

By Rachel Zohn

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