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The latest skin cancer news, advice, and information, including screening, diagnosis, risk factors, treatment, and real-life stories about people living with these diseases.

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Risk Factors

What is Melanoma?

Learn more about the basics of melanoma and if you might be at risk.

Highlighted microscopic look at melanoma.

Will We Be Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Skin Cancer Soon?

Apps are now available to help you track your skin conditions, and artificial intelligence could help diagnose skin cancer in the not-so-distant-future.

Photo of Patty, woman who has had breast, skin, and ovarian cancer.
Family Health History

One Woman’s Story of Ovarian Cancer Following Breast, Skin Cancers

After breast cancer treatment and removal of a melanoma, Patty never imagined she would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Turns out she has the BRCA1 gene. Here’s her story.

Children outside during school gym class.
Family Health

Protecting Children's Skin During the School Day

Sun protection matters, and schools can be a big part of the solution in protecting children’s skin while outdoors.

Tomatoes on the vine
Skin Health

Tomatoes Might Cut Risk of Skin Cancer in Men

A study has found that eating tomatoes daily significantly reduced the number of skin cancer tumors in male mice.

Basal-cell carcinoma or basal cell cancer

Treatment Options for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Treatments options for basal cell carcinoma vary depending on the size and location of the cancer.

Basal cell carcinoma

Is Basal Cell Carcinoma Dangerous? (Answer: Yes)

The “least dangerous” type of skin cancer is still cancer. Fortunately, it’s also highly treatable.

A woman applies  sunscreen to her shoulder.

Store Pulls Sunscreen With Lower Than SPF 15

Experts recommend using sunscreen with at least SPF of 15. In the spring of 2017, a chain pharmacy in the U.S. pulled all sunscreen with less than SPF 15 from its shelves.

Scrupulous senior doctor using dermatoscope for skin examination

Diagnosing Skin Cancer Without a Biopsy

New technology could take the place of a biopsy for skin cancer.

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When Cancer Strikes: First, Don't Panic

A cancer diagnose can feel overwhelming. Here's how to focus on what's important and prepare for the journey.