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Why Men Die from Skin Cancer More Often than Women

Sunscreen use, knowledge about skin care, and regular medical care all help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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Sunscreen Use Might Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

Ways to make sure you get enough vitamin D while protecting yourself from the sun.

Metal Wheel Myth vs. Fact Concept

A Skeptic's Guide to Online Health Advice With Skin Cancer

Separate fact from fiction when researching your treatment options with skin cancer.

Melanoma Cancer Can Return: What to Know

Melanoma Cancer Can Return: What to Know

If you’ve had a melanoma, you must be vigilant about protecting your skin from the sun and examining it frequently for changes.

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Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Look Before You Leap

Is immunotherapy the best treatment for your melanoma? Here’s what to ask your doctor.

Surprising Causes of Sun Sensitivity

Surprising Causes of Sun Sensitivity 

The combination of sun and medication and can result in a red, itchy, painful sunburn. Here’s what else can cause photosensitivity and how to find relief.

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Does a Macule Mean Skin Cancer?

Macules are small, flat, discolored areas of skin that are usually harmless; however, in some cases they indicate skin cancer.

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White Wine Linked to Increased Risk of Melanoma

Credit: iStock Drinking white wine was associated with a higher risk of developing melanoma, according to a study published inCancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. A number of cancers have already been associated with alcohol consumption. ...

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Surprising Health Risks of Driving

If you’re frequently behind the wheel, here’s how to reduce your risk of skin cancer and cataracts.

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Will Climate Change Raise Skin Cancer Rates?

The increase in skin cancer rates has been connected to a decrease in ozone levels in the earth’s atmosphere according to a study completed at Harvard University. The depletion of the ozone levels are caused, at least in part, by industrial pollution ...