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Man kissing woman's hand while on a date.

Don't Let Eczema Stand in the Way of Love

Dating is awkward as it is. And then there is eczema. Follow these tips to move forward in love with confidence.

By Eileen Bailey
Mother and daughter talking on the couch.

Make Your Loved One Get a Skin Cancer Exam

When your loved one has a suspicious mole, urge them to get a skin cancer exam, even if they're stubborn. Here are some snappy answers to common cop-outs.

By Eileen Bailey
Woman upset about answering questions.

Rude Eczema Questions You Shouldn't Ask

When you have eczema, sometimes even innocent questions can be hurtful or annoying. These are 5 common questions people with eczema are tired of hearing.

By Zainab Danjuma
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Tips For Enjoying The Holidays With Eczema

Choices like deciding between a real or fake christmas tree or hugging everyone at the holiday dinner can be make or break your eczema control strategy.

By Eileen Bailey
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7 Tips for Softer Skin

Here’s how to avoid sapping your skin of much-needed moisture, including advice on picking the right moisturizer.

By HealthAfter50
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6 Ways to Hide Your Psoriasis

If you feel self-conscious about your psoriasis, try these 6 tips for using makeup, clothes, and removing scales to help minimize your condition’s appearance.

By HealthAfter50