Risk Factors


Is There a Link Between Diet and Acne?

Chocolate, dairy, foods high in saturated fats, are they still the culprits for acne breakouts?

By Eileen Bailey

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Severe Eczema?

Understanding the types of eczema and what causes (and how to treat) flare-ups.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

What Are Bruises?

Do you feel as if you can’t bump against a piece of furniture without getting a black-and-blue mark? Here’s why that’s happening, and what you can do about it.

By Laurie Saloman, M.S.

White Wine May Raise a Woman's Rosacea Risk

Women who enjoy an occasional glass of white wine or liquor are more prone to rosacea than lifelong teetotalers, researchers have found.

By Barbara Van Tine

Skin Spots: What Is an Epidermoid Cyst?

Epidermoid cysts can arise from the site of a whitehead or blackhead or after trauma to the skin. Here’s how to deal with one.

By Nancy Monson

Skin Spots: What Is a Seborrheic Keratosis?

These tan, brown, black, or white cauliflower-like skin growths are common among people over age 50. Here’s what to do about them.

By Nancy Monson

Skin Spots: What Is a Dermatofibroma?

Dermatofibromas, which typically appear on arms and legs, feel like marbles and are up to half inch in size. Here’s what else to know about these skin spots.

By Nancy Monson

Psoriasis: A Strong Predictor of Heart Disease?

Substantial evidence points to the effects of psoriasis on heart health. Yet people with this skin condition aren’t regularly screened for heart disease.

By Melissa Caravella

7 Ways to Avoid Bug Bites

Bites from mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects are more than annoying. The pests can transmit disease. Here’s how to stay safe.

By HealthAfter50

How to Prevent Summer Rashes

Sun, plants, and insects are just some of the triggers of itchy summer rashes. Here’s how you can prevent them.

By HealthAfter50