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Psoriasis: A Strong Predictor of Heart Disease?

Substantial evidence points to the effects of psoriasis on heart health. Yet people with this skin condition aren’t regularly screened for heart disease.

7 Ways to Avoid Bug Bites

Bites from mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects are more than annoying. The pests can transmit disease. Here’s how to stay safe.

How to Prevent Summer Rashes

Sun, plants, and insects are just some of the triggers of itchy summer rashes. Here’s how you can prevent them.

The Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

Many people fail to apply enough sunscreen, forget to reapply it after spending a long time in the sun, or use an expired product. Here’s how to get the most protection.

itchy arm

Itchy, Red Hands? Blame Your Beauty Products

Your red, dry hands may be the result of using dishwashing liquid that contains a common preservative, or it may be causing your itchy face or scalp if it’s in your moisturizer or shampoo.

Some Sunscreens Increase Health Risks

Although it’s been really rainy where I live this month, we also are seeing hints of impending summer, thanks to the longer days and the warmer temperature. That means more time spent outside walking, hiking, biking and grilling. While enjoying the g...

Tray with fast food.

Fast Food May Contribute to Eczema

A recent study links fast food and allergy symptoms, including eczema in children and adolescents. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood reviewed questionnaires completed by more than 300,000 adolescents and almost 200,000 comp...

Vulvar Cancer: The Women's Cancer We Never Hear About

Vulvar cancer is the 4th most common female reproductive cancer. In 2008, we’ll see about 3460 cases and of those, about 970 deaths are predicted. 90% of these cases are squamous cell carcinoma (these are the same cells we see in the skin). About 5% ...