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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Stage 4 Melanoma

A stage 4 melanoma diagnosis is scary. Here's a list of questions to ask your doctor about your options, treatment, and what to expect.

By Eileen Bailey
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Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria: Skincare Advice

The best time to step up your skin health game is when chronic idiopathic urticaria goes into remission. Here are the top skin health tips to protect against another outbreak.

By Eileen Bailey
Woman sweating during a hot flash.

Treating Chronic Idiopathic Hives During Menopause

Find out why the hormonal changes and hot flashes of menopause may be connected to chronic idiopathic urticaria, and what you can do to treat it later in life.

By Eileen Bailey
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What to Know Before Trying Phototherapy for Severe Eczema

If you haven't had luck finding a treatment for severe eczema, phototherapy might be worth a shot. Here's what you should know beforehand.

By Rachel Zohn

Let's Talk About Eczema Treatment

There may not be a cure (yet), but there are many effective ways to manage symptoms—so that you can get right back to doing regularly scheduled life.

By Jennifer Tzeses
full body phototherapy booth with sticker

Could At-Home UVB Therapy Help Your Psoriasis?

Phototherapy has many benefits for the skin disease, but traditionally, convenience has not been one of them. Newer, better DIY units you can use at home could change that.

By Lambeth Hochwald
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Psoriatic Arthritis: Need a Treatment Change?

There are too many treatment options to settle for one that’s not working. Watch for these red flags that suggest it’s time to talk to your doctor about switching things up.

By Amy Marturana Winderl
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9 Ways to Get Instant Relief From Chronic Hives

From cold compresses to ditching your bra (those tight straps are ruthless on chronic hives!), here are the quickest ways to get temporary relief and set yourself up for long-term success.

By Nykia Spradley
Young woman preforms yoga in mountains in morning light

How to Supercharge Your Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments

Give your complementary PsA treatments a big boost with these tiny tweaks.

By Jenn Sinrich
woman getting laser hair removal on underarm

Let's Talk About Treatment for HS

You have some seriously effective options for managing symptoms—and a darn good chance at reaching remission, too.

By Linda Rodgers