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Man asleep face down on a bed holding a glass of whiskey.

Alcohol and Sleep Apnea: A Dangerous Cocktail

Norman’s bouts with sleep apnea seemed to worsen when he was drinking. His snoring grew worse. He’d awaken frequently, gasping for breath.

Older man awake on side of bed frustrated.

Sleep Expert Talks Taming the Insomnia That Comes with Age

Sleep expert provides guidance on napping, sleep aids, and how to plan your day to get the best sleep at night.

Risk Factors for Age-Related Sleep Deprivation

How does sleep change as we get older, and what can we do to prevent our sleep from getting worse?

Senior woman visiting an optometrist.

Eyesight Loss with Diabetes Worsened by OSA

Diabetes puts you at risk of vision loss. If you also have obstructive sleep apnea, that risk goes even higher.

Investigating Ways to Fix Insomnia Caused by Menopausal Hot Flashes

Menopause brings many different changes to your life — from hot flashes and sweating, to changes in your skin and hair, bones, mood, and more. Adding insomnia into the mix isn’t fun. To overcome the challenges of insomnia with menopause, take a look ...