Causes and Consequences of Teen Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation is all too common among teenagers, which is why many of the effects are overlooked.

By Martin Reed

How Your Insomnia is Linked to the Quality of Your Children's Sleep

Parents over-worried about their children’s sleep may take action that in fact messes with sleep quality.

By Martin Reed

Is ADHD a Sleep Disorder?

Trouble sleeping with ADHD? You should discuss your concerns with your doctor, particularly if you recognize any symptoms of delayed sleep phase syndrome.

By Martin Reed

How Binge-Watching Poses a Threat to Your Sleep

A 2017 study suggests that binge-watching TV can have a negative effect on sleep quality.

By Martin Reed

Tech Devices That Will Help Your Teen Fall Asleep

These high-tech gadgets can help for a better night’s sleep and even get your teen up on time in the mornings.

By Alice Williams

Could Sleep Education Improve Sleep and Health in Teenagers?

Long-term sleep education classes may be able to reverse detrimental habits learned by teens in the home environment that are affecting sleep.

By Martin Reed