Sleep Disorders

Learn about sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcoplepsy, and restless leg syndrome, including prevention tips, triggers to avoid, and drug information to help cure sleep problems.

Sleep Disorders

Women With This Sleep Problem May Have Greater Cancer Risk

by Stephanie Stephens Health Writer
Sleep Disorders

Finally, a Blood Test to Diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by Lara DeSanto Health Writer
Sleep Disorders

Lucid Dreaming: What Does It Feel Like?

by Eli Hendel, M.D. Medical Reviewer

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Smiling woman waking up refreshed and stretcing in bed.
Sleep Disorders

This Muscle Relaxation Trick Can Improve Sleep

Relaxation techniques are a great way to calm the mind and prepare you for sleep.

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Sleep Disorders

Could This New Treatment Cure Your Insomnia?

Sending electrical currents through the brain can affect sleep — but can they cure insomnia?

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Sleep Disorders

How Internet Addiction Harms Your Brain, Health, and Sleep

Do you find yourself browsing the internet at all hours of the day (and night)? When you get a spare moment or two, do you find yourself reaching for your phone or tablet for a quick online fix? If so, you may be suffering from internet addiction. Th...

Sleep Disorders

8 Questions to Ask Before Taking Sleeping Pills for Insomnia

Most of us will experience short-term sleep problems at some point in our lives. This is normal. So if you’ve only been having trouble sleeping for a few nights or a couple of weeks, you shouldn’t be thinking about sleeping pills just yet. Elusive sl...

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Sleep Disorders

These Popular OTC Supplements May Cause Insomnia

Check to see if any supplements you’re using come with a hidden side effect of insomnia.

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Sleep Disorders

Why Reducing Exposure to Blue Light Improves Your Sleep

People spend anywhere from 3 to over 8 hours looking at the screens of various electronic devices, which produce blue light and disrupt sleep. Here’s how to combat this.

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Sleep Disorders

Ending the Anxiety, Insomnia, and Sexual Dysfunction Cycle

Pairing insomnia with anxiety can have harmful effects on your relationship and sex life.

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Sleep Disorders

If You Have Asthma and Sleep Issues, You Need to Read This

It goes without saying that if you suffer with asthma, you should probably not be smoking. Not only can smoking worsen asthma symptoms, it can also affect your sleep. The link between anxiety, insomnia, asthma and smoking A Norwegian study looked at ...