Sleep Disorders

Learn about sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcoplepsy, and restless leg syndrome, including prevention tips, triggers to avoid, and drug information to help cure sleep problems.

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Man lying on couch with remote in hand binge watching television.

Tips for Beating the TV Binge and Getting Quality Sleep

Binge-watching seems fun at first, but it often exacts a price on your mood, health, and wellbeing

Sleep apnea increase depression?
Risk Factors

Does Obstructive Sleep Apnea Increase Depression Risk?

Research suggests timely psychiatric intervention to improve quality of life for those with OSA and regular screening of depression as part of OSA management to reduce mental health risks.

Older man awake on side of bed frustrated.
Healthy Aging

Sleep Expert Talks Taming the Insomnia That Comes with Age

Sleep expert provides guidance on napping, sleep aids, and how to plan your day to get the best sleep at night.

Cooking in oil

Is Your Cooking Oil Ruining Your Sleep?

The cooking oil you use could contribute to your sleep problems, according to this study into the fumes released by different cooking oils.

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The Pros and Cons of Consumer Sleep Products

Countless products claim to improve sleep. But how to choose? And how to know if they even work?

Tired man asleep on couch.

Is ADHD a Sleep Disorder?

Trouble sleeping with ADHD? You should discuss your concerns with your doctor, particularly if you recognize any symptoms of delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Woman lying on the couch and watching TV.
Risk Factors

How Binge-Watching Poses a Threat to Your Sleep

A 2017 study suggests that binge-watching TV can have a negative effect on sleep quality.

Purpose boggle letters

Sleep Can Suffer if You Have Less Purpose in Life

Looking hard at the link between our perceived purpose in life and the quality of our sleep.

Woman sleeping in bed and touching alarm clock.
Alternative Treatment

Sleep Hygiene (Probably) Won't Cure Your Insomnia

The effectiveness of sleep hygiene as a treatment option for insomnia is, in the end, not certain.

Doctor testing blood sample for amino acid levels

The Amino Acid Linked to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

It appears that there is a close association between homocysteine levels and OSA.