Sleep Disorders

Learn about sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcoplepsy, and restless leg syndrome, including prevention tips, triggers to avoid, and drug information to help cure sleep problems.

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Risk Factors

Can Sleep Really be Affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Although sleep complaints are a common symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, researchers have often struggled to confirm them.

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How to Improve Your Sleep When Hospitalized

Here are some tips for sleeping well when in a hospital overnight.

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Is Sleeping With Your Partner a Good Idea?

Parental co-sleeping can disturb a child’s sleep. What about sharing a bed with your adult partner?

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Why Higher Altitudes Harm Sleep

Trouble sleeping when you visit certain places? Altitude related insomnia might be to blame.

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Can the Body Learn to Do With Less Sleep?

With the fast pace of life cutting into sleep time, can you train your body to need less sleep?

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The Health Benefits of Better Sleep

Taking steps to improve your sleep can lead to better health outcomes.

Why Statins May Benefit Sleep Apnea Patients
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Why Statins May Benefit Sleep Apnea Patients

People with sleep apnea have larger deposits of inflammatory proteins that can damage the blood vessels and lead to heart attacks.

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A Guide to Sleep Testing

Are sleep questionnaires and home sleep tests good at diagnosing sleep disorders like sleep apnea?

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How the Dreams of Insomniacs Differ From Those of Healthy Sleepers

It turns out the dreams of insomnia sufferers may be quite different from those of normal sleepers.

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Think a Cigarette Before Bed Helps You Sleep? Think Again!

We all know that smoking comes with a number of health risks — but did you know that it’s also associated with sleep difficulties?