Sleep Disorders

Learn about sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcoplepsy, and restless leg syndrome, including prevention tips, triggers to avoid, and drug information to help cure sleep problems.


Man reading a book at night.

Spend Less Time In Bed If You Want More Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping and want to get a full night’s sleep, it makes sense to at least spend eight or more hours in bed, even if you’re not sleeping, right? Wrong!

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How Nighttime Light Affects Your Body's Internal Clock

A study conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston sheds new light on the effects of night-time light exposure and your internal body clock.

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What Is Sexsomnia?

Learn the signs of this sleep disorder and how it’s treated.

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Living With

Lucid Dreaming: What Does It Feel Like?

Some believe that if we can alter the contents of a dream, we can better address our fears.

THC chemical formula.

Is This Form of THC a Game-Changer for Sleep Apnea?

A recent study on treatment involves a rather controversial medicinal agent: Dronabinol.

Frustrated woman unable to sleep.

Do Sleep Disorders Contribute to Infertility Issues?

Could your troubles with getting a good night’s sleep also be linked to your troubles conceiving?

Woman having problems sleeping.

Is Your Thyroid Causing Sleep Problems?

An underactive or overactive thyroid is associated with a variety of sleep-related symptoms. A look at some of the ways that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can affect your sleep, and some solutions to help ensure a good night’s rest, every night.

Woman with insomnia awake in bed at night.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Giving You Insomnia?

If you have trouble sleeping with late-stage breast cancer, you're not alone. Here's why sleep issues are so common, and what you can do about it.

Acupuncture May Help Fight Insomnia Health Hazards

Researchers studied acupuncture’s effect on insomnia-related hazards like depression and anxiety. Learn more.

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Night Owl Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Commonly called ‘night owls’, people who stay up late and sleep late may have a common sleep disorder called delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS).