Stomach Cancer

The latest stomach cancer news, advice, and information, including diagnosis, risk factors, treatment, advanced stages, and inspiring real-life stories about people living with this disease, also known as gastric cancer.


What's Your Risk for Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, tends to develop slowly over many years. Test your knowledge to see if you’re at risk for the cancer.

By Sue Byrne

Why This Young Mom Had Her Stomach Removed

Heather Huus got preventative total gastrectomy when she learned her risk of hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, an aggressive type of stomach cancer.

By Elizabeth Millard

A Chef Without a Stomach?

Chef Hans Rueffert got his stage 3 stomach cancer diagnosis two weeks after his debut season of “The Next Food Network Star.”

By Pamela Kaufman

Gastric Cancer Risk Factors You Should Know

Want to know what puts you at risk for stomach cancer? Age, sex, dietary habits, and other factors are key.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

Best Resources for Stomach Cancer Support

Looking for information or a support network after a stomach cancer diagnosis? Check out these organizations to find help.

By PJ Hamel

Can Tomatoes Help You Fight Stomach Cancer?

Whole tomato extract may help treat—and even prevent—stomach cancer by stopping the growth of stomach cancer cells, according to this new study.

Weight Gain and Obesity Increase Cancer Risk

Being overweight or obese puts you at increased risk for many health problems—including esophageal and upper stomach cancer, according to a new study.

Can Poor Sleep Cause Cancer?

If you have trouble sleeping, you may be at greater risk for certain cancers. Here's what we know about the connections between sleep and cancer risk.

By Martin Reed

The Lowdown on Red Meat and Cancer

Learn more about the recent studies that show red meat and processed meat can contribute to cancer.

By Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Scientists Grow Miniature Human Stomach

Learn why these researchers created a miniature version of a stomach from human stem cells to study bacteria known to cause stomach cancer and peptic ulcers.