Thyroid Cancer


10 Ways to Rock Your Thyroid Scar

Sometimes it fades, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, there are ways to cover it, or wear it loud and proud.

By Mary Shomon

How to Create Greater Thyroid Awareness

In today’s socially technological world, it’s as easy as ‘sharing’ information with family and friends.

By Mary Shomon

Tools to Help Organize Your Thyroid Bloodwork and Records

The best tools, tricks, and apps to keeping track of all of that bloodwork.

By Mary Shomon

10 Warning Signs Your Doctor May Be Mishandling Your Thyroid Treatment

If your doctor has ever told you that thyroid disease is easy to diagnose or treat – he may be misinformed.

By Mary Shomon

Thyroid Disorders and Miscarriage

Nine ways to reduce your risk of miscarriage when you have thyroid disease.

By Mary Shomon