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Mother and daughter hugging.

Can I Ever Have Kids with Ulcerative Colitis?

12 moms with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease share their IBD-related fears, struggles, and hopes as they face parenthood.

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How to Prep for Travel with UC

Essentials to pack in your carry-on and how to swiftly get through TSA when managing IBD symptoms and stress.

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Over-Exercising Can Hurt Your Gut

Exercising too intensely can result in health problems, including gastro-intestinal issues.

Woman in bed with IBD pain

IBD: More Than the Commercials Show

IBD isn’t just about finding a bathroom. It’s so much more.

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Traveling When IBD Flares: Tips to Help You Manage

What can you do when you’re traveling and suddenly experience an IBD flare? Learn how to stay prepared and relaxed while away from home.

Fight FOMO to Live Better

Fight FOMO to Live Better

No! Arguably, “No” is one of the most popular of the first words that babies learn to speak. It’s a simple one syllable word. It’s easy to say and easy to spell. “No” gives us a definitive answer to many questions asked, and is a clear reaction to ma...

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Embarassing Dating Stories

Living with IBD can trigger some pretty embarassing dating stories—but they’re not the end all, be all.