Vision Health

Sleep Quality Linked to Dry Eye Disease

A 2016 study suggests that dry eye disease is linked to poor sleep quality. Here’s why.


FDA Approves First Artificial Iris

The FDA has approved the first surgically implanted prosthetic iris (the colored part of the eye around the pupil) for adults and children whose iris is partially or fully missing or damaged due to injury, surgery (for melanoma, for example), or a ra...

By Diane Domina

Can Dark Chocolate Boost Your Vision?

People who ate a dark chocolate bar (72 percent cacao) had better vision within two hours, compared to those who consumed a milk chocolate bar in a small study.

By Diane Domina

How to Take Care of Your Vision During Menopause

If you are a woman of menopausal age, taking a proactive approach to your eye health is key.

By Malaika Hill

Managing the Vision Complications of Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease can affect many other areas of your body, including your eyes. Here are some of the ways Crohn’s can complicate your eye health.

By Malaika Hill

What You Should Know About Ulcerative Colitis and Eye Health

Your UC can also create inflammation in the eyes that can to uveitis, iritis, episcleritis, and dry eye. Learn what to watch for.

By Malaika Hill