4 Tips to Save on Eyeglasses

Before you shop for your next pair of eyeglasses, check out these tips for getting the best value and results for your money.

By Gwen Moran

Eyeglass Lenses and Coatings: The Basics

Lens manufacturers have many offerings that can make your eyeglasses more durable and lightweight.

By HealthAfter50

Green Leafy Vegetables May Lower Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma

People who eat green leafy vegetables like kale have a lower risk for primary open-angle glaucoma and early central vision loss, a study has found.

By Joseph Saling

Control Blood Sugar For Vision Health

If you have diabetic retinopathy, discuss the risks and benefits of intensive glycemic control with your doctor to find whether it can help protect your vision.

By Joseph Saling

Can Low-Energy Bulbs Hurt Your Eyes?

Electronic devices and the newer lightbulbs give off a higher level of blue light than incandescent bulbs. Can it hurt your eyes?

By Joseph Saling

Protect Your Eyes with a Mediterranean Diet

A healthy diet can help prevent age-related macular degeneration. Find out why a Mediterranean diet may be better than supplements.

By Peter Jaret

An Alternative to Reading Glasses

Corneal inlays help correct the loss of near vision. Are you a candidate?

By Laird Harrison

Vision Changes That Can Affect Your Driving

Keep yourself—and others—safe on the road by getting regular eye exams to detect age-related vision changes.

By Ursula Schell

New Glasses? Here’s How to Prevent a Fall

Getting used to your new eyeglass prescription can take time. Try these steps to lower your risk of taking a tumble.

By HealthAfter50

The Best Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and high-energy visible light. Here’s how to find affordable and protective shades.

By HealthAfter50