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Overweight senior woman with nutritionist.

Could This Weight Loss Drug Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Lorcaserin (Belviq), approved to promote weight loss in people with obesity, can decrease the risk for type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications.

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Fasting Part 2: Types of Fasting Diets

In Part 1 of this discussion about fasting, we looked at how fasting might affect certain health conditions and why fasting, unlike dieting or just reducing calories, has a unique impact on your physiology. But there’s more to a fasting program than ...

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Fasting Part 1: Why These Diets Are Getting So Much Attention

Fasting diets are seen by many people as a surefire way to lose weight and improve one’s health, and as a means of preventing or treating numerous health conditions. But is fasting really the miracle therapy so many proponents claim it to be? Breast ...