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Maximal Running Shoes May Raise Injury Risk for Women

Oversized sneakers designed to provide more comfort and stability – maximal running shoes – increase injury risk for female runners, suggests a small study from Oregon State University-Cascades.

By Diane Domina

Strength Training Reduces Age-Related Frailty in Women

Regular exercise and physical activity is important to maintain good health as we age, and according to a small study, resistance training is vital to prevent frailty in older women.

By Diane Domina

Working Out With Breast Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis doesn't mean you have to give up exercise. If you have the energy, here's how excercising during treatment can help you feel better.

By Stephanie Stephens

How Do Sex Differences Affect Our Health? Ladies first "¦

My girlfriends and I often talk about how lucky we are to be alive in this day and age of opportunity for women – but also about how balancing our career and family options can be challenging. I also take interest when my guy friends talk about their ...

By Cindy Haines, M.D.