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What to Do About 8 Common Breast Symptoms

Not all breast cancer symptoms are cause for alarm. Learn which symptoms demand immediate attention and which are probably not signs of cancer.

Woman sitting on edge of bed with painful period.

5 Gynecological Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Do not ignore your painful periods, it may be signs of more severe problems.

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My Endo: The Early Signs

My endometriosis wasn’t always THIS bad. In fact, my very first period at 12 wasn’t painful at all… more of a surprise actually It continued with that painless trend until I was about 16 when I began an episode of menstrual bleeding that lasted appro...

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Vulvar Cancer: The Women's Cancer We Never Hear About

Vulvar cancer is the 4th most common female reproductive cancer. In 2008, we’ll see about 3460 cases and of those, about 970 deaths are predicted. 90% of these cases are squamous cell carcinoma (these are the same cells we see in the skin). About 5% ...


Business woman with chest pain.

Dr. Weinrauch explains the signs and sypmtoms of heart attack for women. Learn the difference between sypmtoms in men and women for heart attack.