How Good Are Walk-in Health Clinics?

Adults Need Vaccines Too

When you think of vaccines, you probably immediately think about the series of shots given to young children with boosters throughout childhood.
Eileen Bailey

5 Tips to Protect Yourself From Zika Virus

Credit: Thinkstock Attention snowbirds, holiday travelers, and people who just aren’t ready to ditch their flip-flops Fall and winter are not without their benefits. These times of the year afford brisk walks without the incessant need to slap away f...
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Tips for Emerging Adults: Managing Medical Records

Credit: Thinkstock As an adult, you are now making your own life decisions. You decide what you eat, where you go, and where you live. You must shop for food and everyday items. You are responsible for paying your bills. But what about your health ca...
Eileen Bailey

The 5 Germiest Places in School

The cold virus can stay active on a surface for three hours. Anytime you have a large amount of people, such as children in school, you will have germs spread from one person to another through touching objects.
Eileen Bailey

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