Dealing with Migraine Nausea

Dealing with Migraine Nausea

Researchers recently analyzed the frequency and impact of nausea from migraines. Here’s what the study found.


The Most Common Myths About Migraines

Despite advances in treatment, myths about migraine disease still run rampant. Here are 10 myths about migraine and the truth behind them.

10 Unusual Migraine Symptoms

If you hear things that aren’t actually there, you may be having an auditory hallucination. Migraineurs have reported searching for voices, music, and other sounds, but not finding the source.

10 Things NOT to Say to Someone wth Migraines

Managing Migraines is an enormous challenge, but it can be even harder to deal with people who don’t understand what you’re going through.

Don't Let Migraines Ruin Your Summer

This is important all year, but especially in the summer. You may hear or see news reports warning about dehydration and heat stroke. Heed them. Dehydration is a major headache and migraine trigger for many people.

6 Indulgences for Moms with Migraines

How often do you Moms take time for a bubble bath? A quiet one? It’s tine to indulge yourself. If fragrance is a trigger, find an unscented bath product, lie back, and relax!