Multiple Sclerosis

How Do MS Lesions Form?

Multiple Sclerosis

What to Expect From MS in 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year, and Beyond

by Jodi Helmer Health Writer
Multiple Sclerosis

Discovering MS

She was totally fine—until the day she wasn’t. In her new book, Uncomfortably Numb, author Meredith O’Brien recounts her path to receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

doctor and patient
Multiple Sclerosis

What I Wish I’d Known: Patient to Patient Advice About MS

Veteran MS patients share their invaluable knowledge on treatment plans, finding a community, handling flares and so much more.

woman looking into camera
Multiple Sclerosis

Why Did I Get MS?

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can come as a total shock—and leave you wondering whether you did anything to cause it.

woman in garden
Multiple Sclerosis

Your Top RRMS Questions, Answered

One million people in the U.S. have multiple sclerosis, but there is still confusion over the disease. We clear things up.

supportive partner
Multiple Sclerosis

Your Partner Was Just Diagnosed With MS, Now What?

Hearing that your love has multiple sclerosis is scary. We've got tips on how to help your partner (and yourself) through.

MRI test
Multiple Sclerosis

What It's Like to Have an MRI Test for MS

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) — a specific technique used in radiology to create very detailed images of internal parts of the body — is an important tool in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple sclerosis (MS). Once diagnosed, people with MS w...

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Multiple Sclerosis

10 Totally Doable Ways to Boost Your Brain Health With MS

Simple, everyday strategies can make a huge difference in how multiple sclerosis affects your brain and cognitive function.

young woman using resistance band outdoors
Multiple Sclerosis

9 Proven Ways Exercise Can Help Manage MS

Staying active can start a positive-feedback loop: Fewer symptoms of multiple sclerosis mean more opportunity to do all the things you love to do.