Multiple Sclerosis

Discovering MS

She was totally fine—until the day she wasn’t. In her new book, Uncomfortably Numb, author Meredith O’Brien recounts her path to receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

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Multiple Sclerosis

6 Things to Know About MS Brain Lesions

What they are, if they can be prevented, and why treatment is so important.

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5 things to know about this relapsing MS treatment that comes in a pill

If you have relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), you may already know that finding a treatment that may be right for you can be a challenge. Here’s what you should know about ZEPOSIA, a treatment that’s just arrived for people living with relapsing MS.

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This Busy Mom Treats Her Relapsing MS With a Once-daily Pill (Sponsored)

This busy mom and her doctor decided on a once-daily pill for her relapsing MS.

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Multiple Sclerosis

What I Wish I’d Known: Patient to Patient Advice About MS

Veteran MS patients share their invaluable knowledge on treatment plans, finding a community, handling flares and so much more.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Why Did I Get MS?

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can come as a total shock—and leave you wondering whether you did anything to cause it.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Your Top RRMS Questions, Answered

One million people in the U.S. have multiple sclerosis, but there is still confusion over the disease. We clear things up.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Your Partner Was Just Diagnosed With MS, Now What?

Hearing that your love has multiple sclerosis is scary. We've got tips on how to help your partner (and yourself) through.