Holy Cow, What's Up With This Rash?

It could be nothing...or it could be serious. Learn how to tell the differences between shingles and other skin conditions.

By Lara DeSanto


varicella zoster

How Shingles Affects Your Body Now…and Later

Spoiler: There may be more to shingles than an itchy, blistery rash.

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11 Smart Remedies to Soothe Shingles Pain

From prescription medications to complementary therapies, here’s how you can put out that fiery rash on your skin.

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9 Questions to Ask Your Doc About the Shingles Vax

Considering getting the shingles vaccine? Bring these questions to your next doctor's visit to see if it's the right move for you.

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“I Had Shingles—This Is What It Feels Like”

One woman describes her terrifying and painful journey with a severe case of the shingles virus.

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Varicella Zoster

Your Shingles Cheat Sheet

Get answers to all your pressing questions about this painful rash.

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