Living with Diabetes: Turning Points

"I accepted that this journey came with a distinct purpose."


10 Ways to Avoid Heart Problems with Diabetes

Even when your type 2 diabetes is under control, you're still at risk of heart disease and stroke. These are the best ways to reduce your risk.

By Cindy Uken

The Numbers for Heart Disease and Diabetes

Here's what you should know about the type 2 diabetes and heart disease numbers that determine your health risks.

By Cindy Uken

Hidden Risks of Diabetes: What Is Silent Heart Disease?

Without regular checkups, silent heart attacks in people with diabetes can remain undetected and cause more damage.

By Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

7 Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

Foot care is essential if you have diabetes. Here are seven tips for avoiding serious foot complications.

By HealthAfter50

A Better Way to Manage Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association has revised its standards of treatment. Here’s what you should know.

By Heather LaBruna