Living with COPD: Turning Points

" I felt like the mountain was crushing me."


7 Tricks for Better Breathing

Modern medicine works great for people with lung diseases like COPD, but it’s not the only path to better breathing. Here are seven proven tricks to better breathing discovered by researchers, scientists, inventors, and people just like you.

8 Ways to Improve Quality of Life

Being diagnosed with COPD can be scary and life-changing. But you can still live a rich and engaging life; you just need to make some adjustments. Here are some tips for getting the most out of every day.

10 Tips for Coping with COPD

When you have a chronic condition like COPD, life can be difficult. But, you can adapt and take charge of managing your COPD by paying attention to the following tips.

5 Tips for Getting Restful Sleep with COPD

When you have COPD, getting enough rest is essential. Of course, even people without COPD need sleep, but people who suffer from COPD use up much greater energy resources just to get through the day. So, when they do go to bed, they need to know they...

Keeping Airways Clear with COPD

If sputum, a mixture of mucus and saliva, is not cleared from the lungs, it can cause ongoing inflammation and damage. These tips if done regularly, can help keep airways as clean as possible.