When Something Feels 'Off' in Your Chest: Could it Be A-Fib?

One woman’s account of how she learned to listen to her heart’s cry for help.

By Amanda Page


Atrial Fibrillation: Finding the Right Treatment (VIDEO)

Before she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, Sue Miller says she rarely used medications, even aspirin. Finding a meds treatment that worked well for her was a long process.

By Amanda Page

Straight Answers About AFib

We’ve been going back to the basics about atrial fibrillation because so many patients, family and friends have questions. Let’s look at some more questions and answers about this most common of heart arrhythmias. We thank the American Heart Associat...

By Leslie Lafayette

5 Steps to Heart Health

First, you need to maintain a healthy weight. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight promotes overall health and prevents many diseases, including heart disease. Living with extra weight, puts an increased burden on your heart. Being overweight or ...

By Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Why AFib Is a Lonely Disease

Author Carson McCullers told us that the heart is a Lonely Hunter. But, I had forgotten that atrial fibrillation is a lonely disease. Lonely because it doesn’t show. Lonely because it is often underdiagnosed, undertreated, and not really understood b...

By Leslie Lafayette

Rate Control vs. Rhythm Control in Treating Atrial Fibrillation

Your doctor will be most concerned about preventing any kind of circulatory instability that may result from the irregular beat and to avoid the higher risk of stroke that goes along with it.

By Leslie Lafayette