My Story: Crohn's Disease

My Story: Crohn's Disease

"The only way you can live a good life with an ostomy is accepting that you have one."

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Stay Mentally Healthy While Living With Crohn’s

HealthCentral’s “IBD Social Ambassador” talks about facing the challenges of living with Crohn’s.

By Jerry Kennard

How Living With an Ostomy Changed My Life

I was scared of having an ostomy. But it gave me my life back.

By Brian Greenberg

Fats for Crohn's Gut Health

Dealing with Crohn’s flare ups? Might be time to talk to your doctor about adding fats to your diet to lower inflammation.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

Natalie Hayden of Lights Camera Crohn's

In this interview with anchor Natalie Hayden, we hear a personal journey of life, support, pregnancy and careers with IBD.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

Traveling When IBD Flares: Tips to Help You Manage

What can you do when you’re traveling and suddenly experience an IBD flare? Learn how to stay prepared and relaxed while away from home.

By Brian Greenberg