Living with Multiple Sclerosis

"You have to be proud of the person in the mirror."


9 Things to Know When Your Partner Has MS

The first thing to do when your partner has MS is to learn about the disease. MS is an autoimmune disease where damage to the central nervous system leads to symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, balance and coordination issues, numbness/tingling, pain...

By Lisa Emrich

10 Things to Expect from a Neuro Exam

There are no symptoms, physical findings or laboratory tests that can, by themselves, determine if a person has MS. Your doctor will use several strategies to determine if a person meets the long-established criteria for that diagnosis.

By Jack Huber

Walking Downhill Helps to Improve MS Symptoms

Neurological rehabilitation, exercise therapy, strength training, and conditioning are important interventions to help people with MS stay strong and active.

By Lisa Emrich

New MRI Scans May Lead to Faster MS Diagnosis

When there are both lesions that look like MS and ones that do not, it can be challenging for the radiologist to make a recommendation on diagnosis.

By Lisa Emrich

Words of Wisdom From My Doctor

Sometimes, because you’re the one living with the condition day-in and day-out, you can feel like you’re one step ahead of your doctor. But their words of wisdom can help you when you least expect it - so listen up.

By Lisa Emrich