How to Prevent a COPD Flare Up

Make these lifestyle changes to prevent future COPD flare-ups.


10 Summer COPD Triggers

Oh, there are so many things you can do in the summer. You can sit on your front porch while enjoying a cool drink and a refreshing breeze. You can bask in the sun while watching kids playing in cool, refreshing water. You can camp with your family a...

By John Bottrell

7 COPD Winter Triggers

Winter is a time for snuggling inside warm, cozy homes, playing games, and working on indoor hobbies, such as knitting or crafting. It’s a time for outdoor activities, such as snowmobiling or skiing. Yet if you have a disease like COPD, winter is als...

By John Bottrell

Best Coughing Techniques

Three ways to remove mucus to keep your lungs clear.

By John Bottrell

Causes of COPD Flare-Ups

Learn how to prevent and manage exacerbations.

By John Bottrell

Tricks to Clear Your Airways

A few years back, one of our other COPD health pros, Jane Martin, wrote an informative post about Cough, and Keeping Your Airways Clean. I thought it might be helpful to revisit this topic and update you on the latest techniques and technologies. COP...

By Kathi MacNaughton