Never Stop Self-Advocating for Yourself in Finding a Cancer Diagnosis

It took more than a year of determined self-advocacy before Branny Carrasco’s concerns were confirmed in a gastric cancer diagnosis. Read about her cancer journey here.


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More than half of cancer patients experience insomnia. Here are ways to fight sleep disturbances.

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Gastric Cancer: More Common Around the Globe Than in U.S.

Why is stomach cancer more prevalent in other countries around the world? Reasons include a bacteria, refrigeration, and salty foods.

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All About Advanced Stomach Cancer

Learn more about stage 4 gastric cancer, including why the gastroesophageal junction matters and treatment options.

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What Are the Treatments for Stomach Cancer?

Standard-of-care treatment for gastric cancer involves radical surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

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The Key Facts About Gastric (Stomach) Cancer

What do you need to know about stomach cancer? Learn the facts and figures about this type of cancer that is impacted by surrounding organs.

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