Make Vaginal Health a Priority

Conversations surrounding menopause are healthy and necessary. Conversations with doctors will direct a need to thinking about the health of the vagina as a woman enters menopause and conversations with girlfriends can provide an outlet to lament abo...

By Dorian Martin


When Sex is Painful

When sex is painful, there are many potential causes, including vaginal atrophy, infections, and psychological problems.

By Eileen Bailey

Many Women Suffer from Vaginal Atrophy

Menopause brings about many changes to the body. Some of those we can see and other changes may not be so visible. One such subtle change? Vaginal atrophy. The condition affects about half of postmenopausal women, according to the Mayo Clinic. One ty...

By Dorian Martin

5 Treatment Options for Vaginal Atrophy

Is it just momentary dryness or could it be vaginal atrophy? Know these basic facts and treatment options in order to better manage your sexual health.

By Dorian Martin

How to Be a Supportive Partner

Nearly half of post-menopausal women are affected by vaginal atrophy. Here are some tips on how you can best support your partner to better manage its effects.

By Yumhee Park

Making Intimacy Playful Not Painful

If you experience vaginal atrophy, you may avoid intimacy or endure pain for your partner’s sake. Here are some tips to bring playfulness back into your life.

By Eileen Bailey