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Psoriatic Arthritis Taught Me Self-Acceptance

Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis after her daughter was born, Casey had a hard road with chronic illness. Here's how she learned to live with her condition.

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Noelia Ferreyra
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Living with Psoriatic Arthritis: Memo to Me

If you could give advice about psoriatic arthritis to your younger self, what would you say? Hear real stories in these videos of everyday people who live with the condition.

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Does Weather Affect Psoriatic Arthritis?

It’s not in your head. Changing temps can impact the severity of flare-ups associated with PsA. Here’s what you need to know.

A woman swims in a pool to help her psoriatic arthritis.
Alternative Treatment

The Best Exercises for Psoriatic Arthritis

Staying active can help you control psoriatic arthritis. Try one of these low-impact exercises to help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

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Cooking Doesn't Have to Be a Pain!

Psoriatic arthritis stealing your kitchen joy? We've got tips guaranteed to make meal prep a whole lot easier.

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When Work Stress Makes Psoriasis Worse

One woman shares how she overcame an office bully -- and emerging symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.