Melissa Leeolou

Game Changers: Melissa Leeolou

"Psoriasis is a way to find a new aesthetic."

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Game Changers: Hillel Katzeff

"I have psoriasis, but I'm living with it, and I'm living fully with it."

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Game Changers: Tami Seretti

"Life gets different, but nobody's ever alone, and nobody ever has to be alone with psoriais."


woman putting moisturizing balm on her face
Managing Flares

The 10 Best Do-It-All Balms for Psoriasis

Using moisturizer is non-negotiable if you have psoriasis. Some days, however, call for hydration big guns like these derm-recommended balms and salves.

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Living With Psoriasis

"He didnt see the psoriasis at all, he just saw me."

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Laura Fights Against Psoriasis

"I don't want my psoriasis to manage my decisions. I'm just gonna try something new and different."

Woman squeezing ointment onto her hands after a shower.

Simple Strategies for Sticking to Your Treatment Plan

Don’t turn taking your psorasis or psoriatic arthritis meds into an uphill battle. Get the facts and stay the course.

Empty capsule for full-body phototherapy

The Power of Phototherapy for Psoriasis

Light therapy can provide lasting relief for many people with psoriasis. Find out if it could be right for you.