Rules for Bipolar Relationships

A diagnosis of bipolar disorder doesn’t have to mean the end of love or a meaningful relationship. Here are a few rules to apply to make love last.


A Brief History of Bipolar Disorder

I’m hard at work right now on a book on bipolar. This would supplant the one that came out nearly nine years ago, based on a manuscript I turned in ten years ago.

By John McManamy

Finding Support for Mental Illness

Alone, depressed and suicidal, Gabe Howard wasn’t sure he’d ever find the help he needed for bipolar disorder. Here’s how he was able to change his life.

By John McManamy

Using Neuroplasticity to Manage Stress

One word: neuroplasticity. The term is brain science for hope. We begin with London taxi drivers " In a famous experiment published in PNAS in 2000, Eleanor Maguire of the University of London performed brain scans on 16 London cabbies. The scan...

By John McManamy

Hormones and Human Behavior

In an online lecture, neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky asked his Stanford students what behavior looks like. If we look back a half a second, we are talking of the world of neurons and circuitry. This world gets most of our attention. But, says Dr Sapo...

By John McManamy

How Much Do You Know About Bipolar Mania?

What is the most widely used medication for treating mania or hypomania?

By Amanda Page