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10 Ways to Live Better With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Being present in the moment is what it's all about right now. Here’s how to do that with less anxiety and more joy.

By Marjorie Korn
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The Future of Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Is Bright

When you're diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, tomorrow can seem uncertain. These treatment innovations bring new hope.

By Lara DeSanto
breast cancer patient

What Young Women Should Know About Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Maimah Karmo from Tigerlily Foundation shares her advice for women before, during, and after a breast cancer diagnosis.

By Sarah Ellis
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11 Products Created by Breast Cancer Survivors (for Everyone)

These beauty and style picks were designed with breast-cancer patients in mind but they work for everyone, too!

By Beth Shapouri
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Keep Your Skin and Nails Healthy During Cancer Therapy

Treatments for metastatic breast cancer can harm healthy tissue. Here's advice to ease those sometimes painful side effects.

By Kathleen Hall, MBA