Q&A With a a School Psychologist

To help you and your child get the school year off to a strong start, HealthCentral lined up a team of ADHD experts to answer your questions. Here are responses during a recent live discussion with Paula Gardner, a school psychologist with over 20 ye...


10 ADHD Terms Parents Should Know

An accommodation is a change to procedures used in the classroom or in the school. Children with ADHD often receive accommodations such as extra time to take tests, seating in the front of the classroom, having a classroom assistant tasks, receiving ...

By Amanda Page

Preparing for Back-to-School

Because there are still many weeks left of summer, have your child leave space to add to the poster. Include trinkets from trips, tickets to events, museums or amusement parks. Visit a local craft store to add some flair to the poster. Your child wil...

By Eileen Bailey

10 Ways to Win the Homework Wars

Children with ADHD often have a hard time connecting future events, like a grade on a report card, to completing a task today. Use games or charts to create immediate rewards at home.

By Eileen Bailey

10 Questions about ADHD

There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD, particularly when it comes to the impact of medications usually prescribed for the condition. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions, along with answers from our ADHD expert Eileen Bailey.

By Eileen Bailey

ADHD: Why Traditional Punishment Doesn’t Work

Children with ADHD seem to be in trouble more often than their non-ADHD counterparts. Some of the time, their actions aren’t so much misbehaviors as they are a lack of skills needed to control and manage symptoms of ADHD.

By Eileen Bailey