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Loving the Skin She's In

After 20 years of endless doctor's appointments, Alisha Bridges finally found relief for her psoriasis, and a new outlook on life.

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My Story: Psoriasis

"I had no idea what I was in for."

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Living With

Living With Psoriasis: Memo to Me

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say? Here's what real people say about their experiences.


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How to Get the Max Out of Your PsO Appointment

Ever leave a doctor's visit feeling unheard and unhappy? Follow these tips for scoring exactly what you need from your 15 minutes.

By Jerilyn Covert
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Is This Diet a Waste of Time for Psoriasis?

A trendy weight-loss plan might lessen the minutes you spend every day dealing with skin inflammation, but some studies suggest it could make your condition worse.

By Erin L. Boyle
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How Top Docs & Real Patients Keep Psoriasis in Check

We've got 10 proven strategies that can help stretch the time between your psoriasis flares.

By Beth Shapouri
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10 Things You'd Rather Be Doing Than Dealing With Psoriasis

Imagine not having to give up an hour a day to take care of your skin condition. How would you spend that time?

By Meirav Devash
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10 Ways to Get Psoriasis Flare Relief—Faster!

Dermatologists say these powerful treatments, stress busters, and diet tweaks clear-up psoriasis outbreaks in a flash.

By Beth Shapouri